Need a breath of fresh air? The saying itself means a change, something refreshing and new. So why, if fresh air gives us this feeling do we spend so much time inside?

Young people in the UK today are likely to spend more time indoors than inmates in our prisons. Although the weather in December may disincline you to take a step outside of your front door consider these benefits

Fresh air can make you happier (and smarter!):

The more Oxygen you breathe the higher the levels of serotonin in your body - this is often called the ‘happy hormone’. Not only does fresh air make you happier it can also help your memory and could make you more intelligent. Serotonin has many benefits and improved cognition is amongst them.

Exposing yourself to fresh air can increase your energy levels

Connecting with nature can help us to feel more calm and boost energy levels. Pop outside for quick walk and fresh air for a few minutes each day to reduce the desire to reach for yet another cup of coffee to ease the afternoon slump.

Feeling bloated?

Moving around in the fresh air can positively impact your digestive system (our bodies are not designed for digestion when we sit at a desk). Moving away from desks also encourages blood to our digestive system to speed up digestion and ease those stomach cramps

Immune boosting

Inhaling clean, fresh air (not traffic fumes) helps your immune system to fight off disease more effectively due to healthier white blood cells. It also supplies your immune system with the oxygen it needs to kill and destroy bacteria, viruses and germs. Spending regular time outdoors can help support your immune system to help fight off those winter coughs and colds.

Are you in need of a breath of fresh air? Take time during your lunch break to visit a local green space or take the scenic route to work. Alternatively check out this month’s challenge to see how you can get active outside and explore your local community.

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